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“True freedom is like an empty desert—for there is nothing.”

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Lines in the Sand

Chances are somewhere through your life when discussing colonialism or even seeing memes and videos online you’ve heard about how the colonial borders in the Muslim world “ruined everything” and were a method used by the colonisers to split up the ummah and turn it on itself along ethnic lines. We’ve heard it but often we can’t really…

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Muslims should stop apocalyptifying the metaverse and just jump right into it. Here is why!

The metaverse is a fictitious version of the internet that allows users to access permanent online 3-D virtual environments using traditional personal computers as well as virtual and augmented reality headgear. Metaverses are already existent in some form on platforms such as VRChat or video games like Second Life. Since Facebook bought virtual reality company Oculus in 2014 and…

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Is the arrival of the Mahdi nigh?

The Muslim world by and large has embraced the fact that our state of affairs is so weak and have individualised to such an extent that a lot of those pious among us have stopped making any efforts to drive towards change. Despite having a firm belief in the faith and regularly fulfilling their individual obligations within Islam,…

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